Why Settle?


Now I know that I am a Positive HIV’er, but does that mean I have to settle.  Settle for another person who has a combo of things going on with them.  I should say “what the hell!”  I have HIV.

Are some HIV’ers settling because they feel they are already compromised. Listen that is BULL! You deserve much more but first you have to believe that yourself.  I believe that this is evidence that you are in need of counseling or a support group.  Sometimes we think that we have dealt with or accepted the diagnoses when really it has crept over into our self-esteem and altered our thinking. We have began to say, I just want to be accepted and have allowed any and everything to come in and sit in our lives.  Accepting one thing that is common for the both of you and overlooking the things that matter such as love and protection, etc.  Such as consideration and companionship or just the simple question of, do I even like you?  You know what you desire and what you deserve. Time to talk through the garbage that you hear in your mind like, Nobody is going to want me or I am damaged and worthless because a positive diagnoses.  You attract what you put out “sometimes” and sometimes you attract what you need.  But you will not be able to tell the difference until you understand who you are and where you at this moment in your life!  Become complete, fight for healing and mending of all broken places. Don’t settle because you will wake up one day and realize you didn’t have to and be disappointed with the choice you made while in your broken place!


~J the HIV’er~

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