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Bringing Awareness Destroying the Stigma.

Mission Statement:  Our mission is to bring awareness, educate, and destroy stigma and provide a support system and therapeutic opportunities for those who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Salvation After HIV/AIDS was formed because there is a major need for Education, Support and Awareness in the World.  This Organization will show the importance of testing, getting educated, and showing support and acceptance for those that are living with any illness.  S.A.H.I.V, will provide these services:

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Hello, I am Jennice, I am not Just the Founder,

I am also HIV Positive since 2005 and I am Still Here!

There is Salvation after HIV!

You don’t have to Go through alone, I am Here for You!

Sahiv, The Movement Needs You!

Join the Fight to Save those Living with HIV/AIDS

916 8th Avenue N.Texas City,TX 77590

 S.A.H.I.V purpose is to Educate, bring Awareness, and Destroy the stigma behind HIV/AIDS.  

Help Us Show the True Love that God has for his People.

Join the Movement 

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Your friendship could save a life! 

Join Us Thursdays @ 7 pm…. For More Information email us at

God Bless!

Jennice Daniels


There is Life after any Diagnosis!

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