What a day!

My Day was something. Dr.s appointment was sticky. Lab day! Full Lab day. Everything. Nine tubes. Oh my Life.


Don’t get it twisted. I am very happy to be a live. So many people make suggestions on how I should live and what I should do with my time but I really am satisfied with who I am right now and the things I am doing. I mean just to be able to see my children everyday and laugh and just be alive. I mean just content.
Focusing on me.
I am careful about who I allow around me right now. Some people have a tendency to come into your life and feel you need to be fixed. I encountered a couple of people like that and it had me anxious and disappointed with my life and myself. It is of course some things that I am going to do but not because someone feels that would make them more comfortable with being apart of my life.

Well two weeks. Back to the dr. for Lab results.
Gotta keep stress out my life. If I want to live a long life.

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