Salvation After HIV/AIDS
Destroying the Stigma One Person at a Time!
There is Life After Any Diagnosis!
Choose Life! Join the Movement!

Salvation After HIV/AIDS
Destroying the Stigma One Person at a Time!

I was diagnosed positive in 2005.
My testimony!

I was out preaching my summer Crusade in South Park of Houston, Texas when a group of insurance salesmen approached me about life insurance. I ask them to come back on the final night of the Crusade and I would apply then. They came out as promised. I filled out the application, took a mouth swab test and gave them my check. A few weeks pasted and instead of a policy, my check was returned and policy denied due to confidential Lab reports. I knew what I was tested for but it didn’t stop me from searching for the paper for the proof. I didn’t receive my lab reports through the mail. They told me that the result had to be sent to a PCP (primary care provider) or the CDC (Center for Disease Control). Since I didn’t have insurance they were sent to the CDC. It wasn’t until November that I received my results. The longest 5 months of my life.

When I got the call, I hurried to that office. They sat me in a room that just had a desk and chairs. No pictures were on the wall. Minutes later a woman entered and asked me my name and if I knew what I was tested for. I said yes! She opened a folder and told me that I was positive for HIV. Then ask me to name everyone I had been with in the last 10 yrs. Nothing could prepare me for this day. I mean nothing! It really became real when I had to look in the eyes of my child and tell them that I am HIV Positive!
I went into a depression. I was a preacher that couldn’t find refuge in the Church. People that I had prayed for turn away from me. Hugs turned to hand shakes and visits stopped. The things that people said about me, oh the things!
It was not until one Sunday sitting in a church Service, did I get my breakthrough!

My Pastors Words Were!
If No One Loves You, God Does!
More to the story…but know this
There is Life After Any Diagnoses!
Choose Life! Join the Movement!

Salvation After HIV/AIDS was formed because there is a major need for Education, Support and Awareness in the Christian Community. This Organization will show the importance of testing, getting educated, and showing support and acceptance for those that are living with any illness.

Donate To a Cause that is Showing love and support for those that a Infected and Affected By HIV/AIDS.

There is Life After HIV/AIDS, Help Us Reach Out Futher in Our Community! Any Size Donation will be a great Blessing! Blessing!

 Praise God from whom all blessings flow. My name is Odessa Prater and I have been HIV positive since 1998. It was a routine doctors check up. A week later Dr. Edith Jones called me and said I needed to come to the office about my blood results. She told me I was HIV positive … Continue reading Odessa Prater

Odessa Prater

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There is Life after any Diagnosis!

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