I just feel like talking about my clinic!  When I first started going to my clinic it was strictly an HIV clinic. Privacy! Now its for everyone! So that means less attention for HIVer’s!  The importance is less! Where they keep you current with meds, appointments, and health coverage, we now fall throw the cracks.  It took so long for them to help me get my stuff together with the state.  Did I mention they let me get dropped from the state and then forgot bout me for the pharmaceutical coverage. I desired the support group.  We use to meet us ladies and talk through some things. Now the meeting room is filled with desk! I  am all for enlargement as far as the clinic itself but don’t forget about us! Well maybe its just too late for that.  But I still refuse to go to the city. I can say that I am still here and glad about it.  Regardless of my issues with care!

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