Still Here! 

Another day the the Lord has given me!  I love it.  I was thinking about how wonderful it is to be free to speak and love and laugh and sing.  We find so many reasons to complain and be miserable and blame someone else for it.  

Time to take your responsibility back. 

The responsibility for your actions yes. But I am talking about the responsibility of your destiny your existence. What were you created for?  It was not just to exist. It was for something significant.  
My mother told me that no one knew I was in her belly til they took my sister out. Then I had some type of illness that attacked my scalp.  Then I had asthma so bad it was ridiculous. After that my life was a series of unfortunate events.  

Head cracked open with a rock, mouth busted open, Rape, molestation, children no fathers(single parent)  abortion, terrible marriages,  homeless,  rejected,  diagnosed positive!  

But I can still wake up ready to encourage someone to hold on!  

You see in between trials there were victories. Magazines, award shows, radio,  concerts, music projects, interviews groups,  art, meeting people.  But most of all STILL ABLE TO LOVE ME AND OTHERS.  

I got tired yep. I got discouraged! Hell I dealt with a husband that cursed me out daily for sport, and would then turn around and help people carry their groceries. Lol! A husband who’s pant fell to the floor everytime anyone said he was cute. 

All of this going on while yet praising God sanging, doing art,  loving and watching my children grow up.  



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