Tired but Not Done

So my hair is thinning.  But I am not done. I push through everything because I have no choice.  I refuse to go quitely. Someone is giving up on life over this mess.  Well, if they see me living and bold with my existence maybe they understand they have the power to overcome too. Nobody really wants to understand that when I go through rejections its on a completely different level.  When I catch a cold it more than that.  When I fall inlove it means more to me than most. 

Love means I am not alone and somebody cares about my existence. Somebody is prepared to be strong when I am weak.  When simple things become just a little bit harder for me to handle. I have different view on love.  

Life,  my days from one to the next is very important to me. What did we do today? What did we accomplish today? What did ee laugh about today?  What did the kids do today?  Which one is leaving to start thier own life… 


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