Video of the Week: HIV and Aging

Aging! Let’s talk about it. It is defined as : the process of becoming old. Being a seasoned woman myself. I’d like to define it as the process of getting wiser, the process of truly knowing who you are and not being afraid to walk in it. It comes to a point where you really don’t care about how other people see you, only how you see yourself and what value you bring to those around you.Life teaches you so much. We have an abundant amount of knowledge to impart on the younger generation. The term “old” places unspoken limits on a person. It causes others to see you in a negative light; therefore they miss out on valuable information. If you are Blessed to have a seasoned saint in your life. Cherish them, talk to them, explore the riches they  have to share with you.Please don’t toss them aside as  a nuisance or treat them like a child. It’s truly a disrespect to them and a disservice to yourself You are missing out on a wealth of love, comfort, wisdom, humor and so much more. As it has been so often said: aging is a privilege denied to many.Just keep living and perhaps you will become a member of the club! This was just a little food for thought.

By Odessa Corner

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