HIV and dating. This can be a difficult for a person living with HIV/AIDS! The rejection that comes along with this diagnosis is heavy. Alot of it stems from ignorance and some comes with a person just making a choice not to have this in their lives. There are some harsh people that will see you as a disease. They don’t realize that you are a person. A person that loves. One of the Question in the Community is when do you disclose.

We just met. I am only dating you. We have not had sex. I am not that serious about you. These are some of the things that go through an HIV positive persons mind when it comes to dating. Should I DISCLOSE? This is a catch 22. Some people feel you have to tell from the beginning. And then there is some that feel they will tell you before intimacy. Then there is those that will never tell. “I will use a condom!” which are you? It’s possible to be so in your head about this that it could push in a corner and make you stall out on relationships all together. If I tell then they will know I am honest. or we have had such a good time together that won’t care so I am telling them. I will be honest about what I do. I start the conversation from the first phone call. But that’s my way. That’s what I am comfortable with. Not every one is that comfortable. A lot of people handle their status differently. It’s important to handle this the best way you can.

There are so many scenarios that could play out. How will rejection affect you? When you tell them, will you over think what that person truly thinks of you or constantly be waiting for the shoe to drop. This is truly a conundrum for some.

Truth! There is somebody for everybody. There is love for everyone. Patience is important and necessary sometimes. Sometimes you have to see what type of character a person has before you disclose. Talk about HIV Openly. Mention getting tested and listen for the response. It’s about what make you comfortable.

Where are you in you pursuit of a mate? Are do you prefer someone who is already positive? Just remember there is life after HIV/AIDS and Love has it’s place for everyone!

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