Sitting in the Dark

So today I am just stuck sitting in the dark. This was supposed to be a leave from work, but hey, maybe I needed sometime in the dark. I have been through a lot. Living a life not trying to take people through a lot. And it has gotten me to this moment of sitting in the dark. We read motivational thoughts on Facebook and Instagram but the satisfaction of it only last for a scroll to the next post. Every out of control person is posting profound words on the book and people are liking it. When the truth is everybody is trying to figure this entire thing out without losing their minds. So we post what we should be thinking and doing, when we know we are doing the exact opposite. Courageous words for cowardice people. After all Facebook came about for this very reason.

Sitting in the dark about to do absolutely nothing productive because Sunday is the day that my scheduled madness will began. Can I say I am done? “Laughing” Everybody wants something from somebody but require nothing of themselves. The crazy thing is it only take a flip of a switch to get rid of darkness, but it takes being responsible for your decisions to change your mind set and save your life.

Just my thoughts while sitting in the dark!

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