Let’s Talk Depression

Let’s talk depression.
First of all anyone can be depressed. It has no respect of person. When you have stop having interest in you hobbies goals or the things that truly bring you joy, this is a sign. When you just want to sleep all the time. You keep the lights off and the blinds closed for days on end. That’s a sign. Feeling worthless, unwanted and lost. That’s a sign. If you have ever thought everyone would be better off without you. That’s is depression.

We need to talk!

We need to talk. In a world that wants everyone to get there s#$@ together, we must truly understand that some need help with this more than others.

We are not the same. We were not raise the same. We didn’t experience the same things. You never know who’s healed, who’s broken or who’s completely shattered. But we need to care. Point Blank. If you can’t care maybe you need to be healed as well. And that’s ok. Because I care.

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