Salvation after HIV… What?

I Feel like sharing. I am almost all the way done with my clinic. They have expanded and it is crazy. The first rate one on one care you use to get is just disappearing. I hate it. Going to the this doctor office well appointment you looked forward to because they new you. They cared. Now you are shuffled like a number and taking interest in the patient’s life is not even relevant. But I guest that just business. I have missed appointments where as I use to make sure I was here. Now as long as I have my meds I am good. The faces have changed so much and also many times I feel like a new patient every visit. Now with COVID and mask you don’t know who you are talking to anyway.

What it use to be…

Are you eating right? How’s the Kid’s? You still singing? Talking about things that mattered to you. This was clinic appointment and therapy that made you want to hold on and fight to live. There use to be groups. Women’s Group. Where we could talk about our go through a and all of that. Now just an appointment.

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