Appointment Day

So Glad to be sitting in an exam room. Appointments have been cancelled rescheduled and all that jazz. But hello I am here. Ok all of my numbers are good with my vitals. Today doing labs so will know what that is in 2weeks. My clinic has been rearranged and everything. They are always doing something new at this place.

My sugar is good. Blood pressure good, no fever.

Meeting with Nutritionist VIRTUAL Here’s my Notes!
Dealing with My Loss of Appetite.
Must Stay well fed! Healthy! I lost my appetite. And I am trying to find it.
My Nutritionist Suggest that I set a eating  schedule.
Breakfast: She suggested Oatmeal. I love oatmeal. On the go. At fruit pecans… Jazz it up. Test your pallet.
Meal prep. Cut up fruits & Vegetables.
Chicken sandwich
Prepare beans. Separate in bowls… Freeze.
Soups…  Vegetables soup,
Juice not from concentrate
Dilute juice with ice
Apple juice
Better to eat fruit
Walnut pecans almonds
Chia seeds
Mixed nuts, strawberries
Liver…for low iron
Iron supplements
Sugar free substitute
Just Sharing!

Eye Exam Time!

Loving this Wall! Time to get this eyes together. New lenses. I need them. I want some snazzy lookers. This medication and high blood pressure has done a number on the 43 yr old eyes. Hope they have some nice looking glasses.

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