God called my friend home!

I am left without words. Another friend gone. Linda slipped away from me. I found out week’s after she was gone. I had been calling her phone and passing by her job. I could make a connection. Then one day right before I had to preach I got a call from a colleague that said she had died a few weeks ago. I was devastated. messed up. I was trying my best to make since of it. And how it could not be important to make sure I know. People knew but didn’t tell me. Crushed I tell you. Now I find out my brother is gone. My spiritual brother. I cried and sobbed from my heart because life is fleeting and you don’t know when God is going to pull your number. 2020 has been crazy. I mean crazy. I don’t know how to classify it but I do know what to call it. A GREAT TRAGEDY. What say You?

Rest in love my Friends!

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