Sleep and HIV

I have a hard time get good sleep. I am so cranky too. When someone wakes me up and I know I have been up and down all night, I am crazy.

I am telling you that I am truly in a struggle. I would take my meds and lay down after a full day. Knowing that I should be sleep and I am telling you that it’s like sleep is not even close to my mind. And I mean my brain is just going. My husband is laying next to me just knocked out. But my eyes are wide open. I am talking like its the middle of the day. So I tried melatonin. He did too. As if he needed it. He slept like a baby. Me; I drifted off to sleep and woke up within the hour. Madness. Up just woke. I sleep better during the day than I do at night.

Looking for my sleep answer!


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