I got up early this morning. Body hurting and everything. Had a wonderful Saturday working in ministry. My body paid for it though. I was in such pain when I got home but it’s was worth it. I have had a lot on my mind lately. Being a mother of toddlers was easy. Being a mother of young adults is way more stress filled. Wondering how they are, where there are and do they think about you. It has made me wishy-washy and a emotional wreck. One minute I want them to be where I can see them and the next minute I have a complaint. But I guess that’s ok. I want them to live their lives but I don’t want to lose their attention. I know it sounds crazy. But all we had was each other and now I am without them. Lol I guess I should get over it. Well nope won’t do it! Love them crazy Children.

Just sharing!

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