Just Saying No

I have had a wonderful weekend. I am learning to Pace myself. I have tendency to load myself down with tons of things to do. I am learning to say no. And I am learning not to volunteer as much because the asking starts because I always volunteer or don’t know how to say no. But I am learning. My husband says no quite a bit even to me. Lol!😭 I am alright with that. He spoiled now all of a sudden he is trying to calm me down!

I think sometimes we don’t realize that alot of the stress we are going through is because we are allowing it. We have decided to be the helper, the healer, the comforter, the answer. Well cornfritters, we are not any of these. We are a conduit or a door to that healing. We max ourselves out only for a minor pay off that will ultimately lead to a stressful dependency. I am not saying don’t help I am saying think before you speak. Like I have said I have had to learn to do this. WISDOM.

When we don’t use this wisdom…this slow to agree. We allow ourselves to get trapped in a series of sure, ok, I can do that, whatever you need. Not realizing that we are giving more than we have emotionally and physically!

Just Say No… Or a least say let me think about it!

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