Not about me

I feel like myself. Been in a little struggle.  In a certain area of my life.  I went through something personal and it was heavy.  But no one could understand the depth of it.  But it was indeed heavy.  I felt myself running from it sometimes.  As a leader I felt myself sinking and trying to hold on to every little thing I could grab hold to.  But to no avail.  It was crazy to look up and everything and everybody was gone.  I found myself trying to sweep some of the pieces together and make something out of them.  Then the wind blew and they were gone too. 

Back to square one.  When everything is gone you have to trust God.  I have been in this place before.  It’s like graduating and becoming a freshmen yet again.  All your pride has to go and you have to be trained all over again for this next place.  New people new things. It’s uncomfortable. Confusing, Challenging!  You fumble stumble,  grumble and want to go backwards but I have learned that God always has a plan thats bigger than our discomfort, confusion and pride. This walk demands humility and an ability to not get attached to material things.  And to make sure that your relationship with God reigns over everything. 

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