Love after All

after all that I have been through God still saw fit to bless me with Love.  Funny how life works.  I have been through a 3 lifetimes of pain and humiliation.  “Suffering in Silence”~Jeremy Banks~

This summer has me totally mesmerized. Totally Floored at the Power of God.  God truly does what he wants to do.  Are we really in control of anything?

I promised my dream of a relationship would last was just that.  I had dreamed this dream even while I was married to someone. That’s how lonely I was within a marriage.  Going day to day in a home with a person I didn’t know.  My body was there with him but my mind was lost in thought of the finish line.  The relationship was none existent and the marriage was unreal.  Going through motions.  Crying inside because I wish I have never met this stranger.  Couldn’t be made at anyone but myself.  I say I DO!

Nevertheless, I was in it.  Purpose unknown!

Now unmarried but very intrigued and curious about this man that is chasing me.  Tall loving,  strong,  handsome.  And holds me tighter emotionally and physically than I have ever been held before.  What’s a girl to do.  But Marriage. NAW.  Don’t know if I could ever do it again.

But who’s really in control

You tell me!!!!

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