This journey 

Sunday Movie Great Watch! 

I love this movie.  Again again… In my toddler voice! 

Church was wonderful. I let go just recently. Of stuff. Of people. Still actually letting go.  I testified today about life.  The next minute the next hour is very important. For up one night to use the restroom. Woke up on the for with paramedics all around me. Don’t remember to this day what happened. Moment missing. My children all around me. Black out. I have to love and live. More now than ever.  Children are growing and leaving. Just gonna be me. What will I do with that life.  I just figured out I don’t want to give it to anyone. It’s mine. If that makes sense. Not to a church, pastor, husband, child, man,  or best friend.  I now that sounds selfish. But I haven’t done not one thing to benefit myself. I just want to know my self again. I want to remember who I am. 


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