This is the day that the Lord has made…. I am Rejoicing!  

OK!  The saga continues!  Up and ready to handle somethings. This weekend was something else.  I am going through the Empty Nest mumbo jumbo.  Children busy and gone alot. I will be glad when I have adjusted.  Because sometimes it is straight up crazy lonely.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have Church.  Well I am careful not to get so caught up with church that I check out of reality.  Meaning.  I don’t desire to hide in the church and substitute people to soothe loneliness.  Pain of any sort is always evident of a place where healing is needed. Embrace it find out why it’s there. Then do whats necessary to get your healing.  That’s growth.  So I don’t want to avoid this unfamiliar place I want to find out more about it so I can go through it and come out of it stronger. It is truly a challenge. I want to call someone just to not feel this but thats like backsliding for me.  I am enjoying spending time with me. Loving me.  I just recently had to cut my real hair due to hair loss.  Yes!  Hair loss and thinning.  I desired so Much to have someone to tell that too.  Just to hear feed back.  No one available. So I write about it. My daughter was so sweet.  She loves the hair cut. I am going to go platinum. I have always wanted to.  Gonna be a big change considering I have a new style everyday.  Hahaha 😂 but thats just me!                    

Happy Monday 

Fellow HIV’ers 

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