I Feel a Change Coming! 

This week was crazy but so real.  I had to pay attention and really take control.  For a minute something have been just spinning.  My emotions all out of wack. Where I am usually in control.  I was loniness was kicking my butt.  But I keep praying holding that pillow.  Going to sleep.  Like withdrawals. 😂 I told God He knows I love relationship and I need for him to send my mate.  The one that will walk the rest of this life out with me. I have a good 20yrs to go. So I need my best friend ASAP.  The next day.  I promise my phone went off with messages and calls from folks I had forgot about.  My ex-best friend picked her stuff up from my house.  I just want my life in order in every way. So when my man,  love of my life show up for real he don’t have to jump no hurdles or move no tables and chairs to get to me.  This phone Facebook email text…. Crazy Madness.  I am a very simple person to deal with when you a real person with me.  No Games,  No Lies!  Just ready! Everyone is not ready for that.  So I have to wait on God!  

But I know with the CHAOS a Change is Surely on the Way! 

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