It ain’t over! 

It’s simple! 

You woke up again. It’s not over. You are breathing. You still have the opportunity to achieve something today. Whether it is in career, relationship, spiritual whatever it is you have the next moment,  minute. Hour to put towards whatever it is.  

We focus so hard on the big picture till we forget that it takes small Strokes of the brush to build and create the big picture.  We become over whelm and anxious thinking about the end result before we even get started. 

Break down the vision. Take it one day and one step at a time. And know that it’s not over. You have time. Start. You shouldn’t be focusing on when you will finish when you have not started. The resources will come. 

With relationships we always want love. But if we are honest some times we aren’t putting our selves in a position to be found. It may be fear of rejection, success, or just sharing your space(trama from previous relationships). Talk is cheap, actions brings results. 

You can say I am alive all-day. But are you living!? Are you moving forward? Or are you sleeping in the bed of yesterday’s “woe is me.” 

Shake it of and take advantage of this next moment. 

Jump into your ultimate dream. 

Walk towards that fear that blocked your growth and conquer it. 

This next moment is yours. 

It ain’t over! 

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