I Woke Up Like This! 

It comes with the territory. Having to tell someone you are positive. Then one day deciding to just stop hoping for love all together.  I didn’t get an invitation to this party. I woke up like this.  A mother of 4 married. Preaching the Gospel. Calling sin sin. Singing and up lifting others. Telling them it’s gonna be alright. This is just a test of your faith. We’ll my test came and stayed.  I have married and loved. Married and been abused. And even now in my singleness dread to thought of starting again.  Leaving love to the birds and selling my self to the cause til God calls me home. I woke up like this.  

What kind of life style we’re you living. You must have been hoeing!  RIGHT!  That’s what it is!  Nope. I wasn’t!  You must have been on drugs!  RIGHT!  Nope. I WASN’T! I woke up like this!  But I was trying to love my husband and take care of my children.  Divorced.  This stigma brought alot of new things in to my life to fight that I never thought I would have to deal with. Someone said just don’t tell no body. I got nerve up. 

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