No need to settle!

Why are you putting up with so much?  Do you think you deserve it?  Why are you limiting yourself?  Do you think that is all you are worth?

We fall in love and find out later that we have chose to love someone that won’t fight for you or even remotely love you like you love them. No limit. No Boundaries!  you give them so much it is too much.  Then you cry and break day after day as you allow yourself to be up off over and over again. Whose fault is this? Well we want to blame the person we are with instead of the man in the mirror.  You can only go through what you allow yourself too. Now don’t get me wrong there is always an expiration date.  Always a place a person comes to, a fork in the road if you will! Where you have to choose you!

Well I am at the Choose me point.  That place that all things are clear and bright.  That place where it is time for separation/detox.  Refocus!  You loose focus on you when you go into a relationship in an effort to bring two lives into focus.  But when the two lives don’t come into focus, it’s time to preserve at lease one.  That’s real!


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