Dating Negative.


The Truth is when you date someone that is positive like you, it removes the elephant from the room.  We can now talk about each other instead of walking around wondering when is the right time to disclose.  Will they accept me if I tell them? Should I tell them? What if this turns intimate? How will I do this?  Me myself, I always lead with that fact.  I choose to live that way.  It takes the deceit out and also lets me know what I am dealing with from the beginning.  Some say you shouldn’t do that.  Well, to each it’s own.  No room for madness. Now I have been married to a HIV negative man.  But HIV was the never a problem it was strictly irreconcilable differences, lol!  Love is Love. Love wants what it wants. Some negative people will say teach me.  Some negative people will head for the Hills and some will straight up go crazy.  Because the stigma is indeed still coursing through the veins of the ignorant.  Sad but true.  So much info. out there.

Dating Negative for some is not even on the table.  Their world is the positive world.  Their friends are positive while some associates are negative.  Then again I met someone positive who got upset because I was so open with my status.  But that is my decision.

Do I have to tell?  We are using Condoms! I am protecting myself and them!

What do you think?

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