When Ignorance Tries to Make settling an Option!

Love Forget it!

Did i chose to be positive.  Many people have there answers for this.  Some say a lifestyle brought you to this place.  But who really know the whys of the whys.

I just want to talk about rejection and how I feel about it.  You are the perfect person if you were not positive. You are beautiful. You are awesome. I love you. But I can’t take a chance on getting THAT!  Crazy thing about it is that I am not mad. I could go into a long drawn out explaination of what HIV is and is not but who cares really.  I am to the point to where I don’t even want love anymore.  I don’t want to be bother and most would say that is the best way to be. Considering the way your immune system is set up.  I use to be in the fight to educate and bring awareness.  But the journey just bringing people into a place of knowledge still means I have to dig through all the garbage of THE STIGMA to get to 1 or 2 people that may want to hear the truth.  And that may only be because some one in the family or a friend is dealing with or have died from the Complication of AIDS. HIV the Virus the leads to AIDS.  A compromised immune system.  You are more of a treat to me than I am to you. But it’s to much for you to learn.  When you meet someone you genuinely like and they tell you “I am HIV POSITIVE”  The future escapes you and you now have been saved from a waterfall. The individual that is positive no longer has a brain, likes or dislikes, hobbies or passion, and their existence is  void. Now only three things Stand H…I…V!

The :Life of A HIV er

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