World AIDS Day!


Today is a very Important Day.  It is the Day that the Person Reading this blog will make a decision to go get tested.  Knowing your status empowers you to take control of you life.  Living in the unknown could mean death to something that can easily be managed.  Things have change when it comes to a positive diagnosis and that prognoses of death.  Medications have improved in leaps and bounds. Living a Long and healthy life is still yours.  The thing is early detection.  You are not sentencing yourself, you are preserving your life. Not just for you but for your loved ones.  This is not just about you.  Don’t you want to know.  I hear a lot of people say “we are all going to die from something”.  That is a sad mind set. I am hoping you understand that while you have life you want to live it to the fullest.  And whether your diagnosed positive or negative it is still a step toward bettering you. Taking Responsibility for you.  Say you have sex with someone and don’t know you are positive.  You have now irresponsibly put someone else at risk. We have a stigma behind this dis-ease and it is causing others stay unknown.  Mainly because they do not want to be associated with HIV/AIDS. so now you have placed social acceptance over living. There are many people positive but equipt with enough information to protect themselves and live long lives but most importantly to equip others.

So please Get tested, there is live after HIV!

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